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An image of the entrance of Saint George's Anglican Church

Everyone is welcome to visit St George’s whether a follower of Jesus or someone who just wants to check out what happens at church. There is no need to dress up or wear anything special.

How do I find out more about Jesus and the Christian faith?

The best place to start is to read the gospel of Mark in the new testament section of the Holy Bible. The New International Version is a popular translation. In February each year the church offers a series of evening sessions for those who want to find out more about Jesus and the Christian faith. No prior knowledge is required and questions are encouraged.

To see a summary presentation about Jesus and the Christian faith, visit three-two-one or christianity.net.au or Christianity Explored

What happens at a church ?

Church meetings are a family gathering of God’s people. The service lasts for 1 hour, followed by a delicious morning tea.

When we meet we:

  • Hear from God: We listen to God speak through Bible readings and a talk that explains how the passage can be applied to our lives.
  • Talk to God: We spend time in prayer to God led by a parishioner.
  • Sing together: We sing songs that tell us about the love of God.
  • Food, Drink and Chat: After each meeting we spend time together and enjoy a cup of tea, hot chocolate or brewed coffee along with some delicious treats. It is a chance to meet new people or to ask the speaker any questions you may have about the talk.

You are our guest, which means that you won’t be put on the spot or asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

What if I don’t believe all this yet?

Take your time to explore about who Jesus is, and what it means to have a relationship with God. Our church aims to be a place where people can find out about Christianity in a warm welcoming place.

How can I connect more with the church?

You can fill out a ‘Connect Card’ available from the church foyer or speak directly with the ministry staff or parish councillor.  We want to help you to get to know Jesus better, and enjoy the forgiveness, freedom and transformation that he brings into our lives.

What if I have a disability?

We aim to make the building accessible for anyone with a special need. For those with limited mobility, our building can be entered from the front right side driveway apron on level ground, using double entry doors. There is also a wheel-chair accessible toilet. For further detail or assistance on arrival, please contact the church office.

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