our History

 Our History


St George's Anglican Church, Sketch 2009

St George’s started on 20 August 1967, when a small congregation of 8 people gathered at the Pearce Primary School with Bishop Cecil Warren in this newly created Provisional District of St George’s, covering Pearce, Torrens, Mawson and Farrer. There was one service each Sunday morning. This remained the case for the next 15 years. Small Bible study groups were also established as an integral part of the St George’s community.

A rectory was constructed in the late 1970s and in February 1982, the decision was taken to acquire a church building. This was designed and built over the next couple of years and the building itself was formally licensed on 13 December 1983.  A youth ministry grew from 1984. By early 1990s, some who were by then young adults went out into ministry with other congregations and to the mission field.

The ministry to all age groups in our congregations continued over the following decades. A ministry at Goodwin Aged-Care Village Farrer was established in 2003.  By 2005, there were multiple congregations meeting in the church building on Saturday and Sunday. Around that time, a Dinka South Sudanese congregation began meeting at St George’s, until it moved to Radford College Chapel in 2019.

The church facilities were expanded through the 2000s. The building as it is now was completed in 2009. The extensions included a chapel and rooms for meetings, children’s ministry, an office, along with a new kitchen and toilets. A community space or hall was also constructed, linking the original church building and the other rooms.

From 2015 – 2020, the congregations were consolidated and restructured. There continues to be church gatherings every week and a range of small groups and programs for children and youth and adults. St George’s remains a welcoming and loving church that seeks to show Christ in the community.